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Job Oriented Electric Vehicle Courses

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Job Oriented Electric Vehicle Courses

India is making good advances in heading towards the use of electric vehicles as it uses clean sources of energy which is both economical and eco-friendly. This could be a turning point in clean energy policy. Since the first industrial revolution, the automobile industry has always trusted the skillful labor and technical workforce. Most automobile companies are switching to electricity. The Indian Government has also targeted to accelerate the adoption of Electric Vehicles. One of its major goals is to run all three-wheelers on batteries by 2023, by 2025 this rule will apply to most the two-wheelers. Every day the demand for EV and EVSE engineers is increasing day by day to grow the electric mobile market.

So, learning advanced-level certifications in the field of e-mobility is an investment in the future. Indian academic industries providing the courses are taking necessary steps to put forward all needs to match the rising demand of skilled labor in the Electric Vehicles industry as India wants to become a global hub of manufacturing of the electric vehicle. The Government of India has also taken various initiatives in the process of development of the Swayam platform which provides certain programs for enhancing the skills of students. With the increasing demand of replacing transportation from ICE vehicles to Electric Vehicles, there is a lot of job opportunities for all the existing workforce as well as the freshers can capitalize on it.

For this, we need job-oriented Electric Vehicle courses. These advanced courses play a vital role in upbringing the skills of the engineers on the emerging technology of e-mobility to support the industry with job-ready manpower. These courses will be benefitting both the trainee and the industrial development of the nation.

These job-oriented electric vehicle courses are provided by Amika global Education, which is providing training courses for both B2B(offline) and B2C(online) for pan India. Our training modules are job-oriented and run at a flexible pace. The time duration varies from weeks to months. Our main aim is to bridge the gap between the learner and the trainee by providing them with a handful of resources for their skill development.

Big companies like Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt. Ltd. A subsidiary of Tesla Inc. is starting its operation in India. It was registered on 8 January 2021 in Bengaluru and Karnataka. This company generally deals with electric vehicles. So, those who want to set their career in Electric vehicles are having a very good chance as various companies are investing in India for this technology. Amika Global Education offers job-oriented Electric vehicle courses on a PAN India basis with the best trainers and experts of India. Job-oriented Electric vehicle courses offer a bundle of opportunities to its end users in a pre-defined period. Hands-on experience in battery and charger repair and maintenance with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the hardware and software of the charger. Electric Vehicle training opens a door for the bundle of opportunities to get into the EV industry.

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