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Amika Global Education is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, premium leading education management, training, consulting & advisory Company in India. Our objective is to redefine the education management system of the country. It strives to balance global knowledge and its implementation among learners by encouraging standard practices, structured methodologies, and skill development program across globe.
We are offering the all latest EV courses demanded by Industry.
Amika Global Education are committed to provide the best EV training.
We are offering the several courses with video tutorial for EV and ESS.
We are offering the several courses with audio tutorial for EV and ESS.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission is to serve the learners with best educational techniques, practices, technology, infrastructure, and more. At the same time, it aims at bridging the gap between learners and trainers by providing them with the best resources for learning and skill development. Our ultimate purpose is to provide the educational framework to the learners with the right technology, policies, rigorous training and, skill development programs. This, in turn, will perfectly blend with our vision and mission.

Our vision is to embark on the journey of global footprint, by creating a difference in the world of education management and skill development.

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Automotive Systems   - 50%   - 50%
Advanced Energy Storage - 70% - 75%
Engine Fundamentals   - 65%   - 60%
EV Propulsion Systems   - 45% - 45%
Renewable Energies - 30% - 35%

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